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"Students Do Well If They Can"
Secondary Programs
Grade 10 to Grade 12
We offer these options to this group of students:
Senior Storefront Schools
About the Program
At the Senior Storefront School we offer an alternate program for students in grades 10 - 12 who are typically over the age of 15.  This is a self-paced program, although some online courses can also be accessed through the senior storefront schools. Students not currently enrolled or attending school can contact Ryan Ward, Vice Principal.  Students currently enrolled at their local school are referred to us by the local administrators.  Students can also be directed to a Storefront School by the District Suspension Review Committee, or by the Director of Student Support Services.   Students attend 2 hours daily and are assigned to one teacher at a set time.
250.870.5120 ext. 0 - Ryan Ward 

Direct Instruction
Direct Instruction Program
250.870.5120 ext. 0 - Ryan Ward
This Program offers courses that last approximately 9 weeks and are held at our Richter Street site. All students in the class receive the same direct instruction, so it is not self-paced, like some other courses. These courses are designed for students who prefer to have the teacher set the pace of learning by daily delivery of curriculum.  Attendance is mandatory at set times and on a consistent basis as a great deal of material is taught every day.  This is the best solution for students who do not learn well on their own, either because they lack motivation or the ability to learn course material on their own.

Online Education Secondary Courses

CLIC​K HERE for information on our eSchoolBC Gr.10-12 courses.
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