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Hospital Homebound


Danielle Friesen @ (250) 870-5120


Hospital Homebound Services​

Hospital Homebound is a service provided for students K-12 enrolled in the Central Okanagan public school system. It is designed to assist students who are absent from school due to medical reasons. In order to minimize educational disruption, students are connected with the Hospital Homebound teacher, who will help facilitate learning between the school and student. The goal is to have students work on similar assignments that they would be doing if they were attending school. 

Eligibility: Any student experiencing significant absences from school, due to medical reasons, is eligible for Hospital Homebound. Hospital Homebound is a short-term service that provides academic support, only. This program is not designed to provide mental health support.

 Referral ProcessThe school, in consultation with the principal of Central Programs, parent(s)/legal guardian(s) and school support team (teachers, counsellors, administration, etc.) will complete a Hospital Homebound Referral Form. Parent(s)/legal guardian(s) are responsible for having the Medical Form completed by the referring doctor. Both the Medical Form and completed Referral/Consent Form must be sent to the Principal and Hospital Homebound Teacher at Central Programs and Services.

Services: Hospital Homebound Services are provided for up to 3 months, depending on the needs of the student.

Curriculum: While on the Hospital Homebound Program, the student remains registered at the home school and the student's program is still the responsibility of the home school. The Hospital Homebound teacher acts as a liaison between the home and the school for academic support. Academic tasks and programing will be provided by the student's home school.

Intervention: The Hospital Homebound Program provides a minimum of one online session per week. Academic support will take place remotely via Zoom and will occur during regular school hours. The number of sessions may vary, as the Hospital Homebound teacher's workload increases or decreases at any given time.

Review: The Hospital Homebound teacher and the Central Programs Vice-Principal will review each Hospital Homebound student's situation monthly. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact 
the Hospital Homebound Instructor or the Program Administrator 
at Central Programs & Services:

Danielle Friesen @ or (250) 870-5120
Jodi Everett @ or (250) 870-5120