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Hospital Homebound

Danielle Friesen @ (250) 870-5120

Hospital /Homebound is a service designed to allow students to continue working on core subjects while they are at home ill or in the hospital for 10 or more days on a linear system; or 5 or more days if on a semestered system. The Hospital Homebound Instructor will act as a liaison between the home or hospital and the school the student was attending.

The student will be supported with this service up to 3 months before being re-evaluated to determine if long term plan needs to be established.

If you are a parent and you think this service may be beneficial to your child you should first discuss this option with your child's current school administrator and or counselor as they must approve the referral.
Once approved at the school level,  the school referral form should be completed and signed by school personnel and a parent or guardian, as well as a Doctor's referral form . This information should then be sent to Danielle Friesen or Nathen Elliott by email (see below).
This service provides a minimum of 1 home or hospital visit per week.  The number of visits will vary depending on the instructor's caseload at any given time.
With the use of expanding delivery models such as internet/websites/email/and the use of virtual school, the instructor hopes to accommodate all student needs.    
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact 
the Hospital Homebound Instructor or the Program Administrator 
at Central Programs & Services:

Danielle Friesen @ or (250) 870-5120
Nathen Elliott @ or (250) 870-5120