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"Students Do Well If They Can"
Our Learning Story
Our Learning Story

 We believe as a school community that we continue to learn about curriculum, instruction, and assessment practice to guide our students who often have a number of barriers to education including social, emotional, behavioral, academic challenges, and are looking for or require a flexible education plan that meets the goals of a 21st Century learner.

In the spring of 2014 our school develop our Mission and Vision Statement.  The statement embodies four major themes or pillars including the nurturing optimism and building of confidence in our quest to provide alternative pathways to education in a collaborative supportive environment.    

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 Who We Are

 Central Programs & Services is comprised of three different Ministry registered schools.  All three overarching schools exist to support SD23 schools in meeting the unique needs of students who may struggle in finding success in traditional school settings, by providing alternative options and choices in their programming. 

o   Central School Programs (Alternative Education) – (Grades 9-12) Storefront Programs at West Kelowna (Westside Learning Centre), Rutland (Rutland Learning Centre) and Kelowna (Central School), Hospital-Homebound Program, Central Student Support Team, Central Continuing Education, and the Adolescent Psychiatric Unit at Kelowna General Hospital

 o   Adult Education SD 23 (Continuing Education) – this program operates through Central School

o   eSchoolBC Distributed Learning SD 23K to 5 Distributed Learning Program, Gr. 6-10 Blended DL Middle School (McWilliams Centre), Gr.10-12 Virtual Secondary School and Graduated Adult course offerings ( and a partnership with BC Learning Network at Central School)


 Central Programs & Services