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"Students Do Well If They Can"

"I am a class clown, because I don't understand what is happening in the classroom - I want to do well, but I can't - Please Help!"
"I am an elite athlete and travel all over the world competing and training...I need a good alternative to a regular attendance program."
"I want to take one or more online courses."
"I have medical conditions that don't allow me to attend regular classes, I need help because I want to do well!"
"I want to work at home and need a good distributed learning program, and I want to do well!"
"I have a job, but still want to get an education - can you help me?"
"I need direct instruction and lots of support, I just want to get through grade 10, then I'll decide what I do next!"
"I need help getting ready for the workforce, anything for me?"
"I have been kicked out of my school and now my house and have many issues - will I ever do well?"

At Central, we believe. . .

Sometimes students need an alternate education because the regular school program simply doesn't meet their needs,  and if we can match the students to a program or service where they can have success, chances are much greater that they will do well.  It is very challenging to try and offer a program or service for every student who comes our way, but because we believe that 'students do well if they can', we think it is imperative that  we offer a wide variety of options to increase the odds all of them can do well!

We also believe that if we collaborate with our students to solve problems, we will more likely create a positive learning plan that will give them an opportunity to do well.

If you want to learn more about Collaboritive Problem Solving and our Philosophy that Students Do Well if They Can we recommend that you check out Dr. Ross Greene's website!